Thursday, November 19, 2015

Truck Truggy By Thinkgizmos Review!

Truck Truggy by Thinkgizmos

My 12 year old son DJ loves Remote Control Vehicles and he has bought/tried out hundreds of them over the years. To say that he was impressed with this Remote Control Truck Truggy By Thinkgizmos is an understatement!

My 12 year old sons review in his words: This truck is really neat. I love that the body is bendable and flimsy because when I roll it or run into something with it, instead of snapping or breaking, it just bends and holds it's shape and is still as good as new. It's fast too.. and fast remote control trucks are fun! I took this through puddles, around my tree house trail, and even jumped it over my dirt jump! This Truggy can take a beating like no other. The tires are really big with a lot of tread, and they're axles are bendable too. I know my Mom took a picture of that to show in her review. I hope my Mom buys me more of these in different styles.

My thoughts: As soon as I opened this, I was happy to see all of the batteries that we'd need to run it. The worst thing about getting a new remote control vehicle is not having any batteries and then not being able to use it until you run to the store, so that's a super plus in my book! Upon unpacking it, I realized it was screwed in and would need a screwdriver to get it out, so make sure you have one on hand. If you need help putting the batteries in, or getting it started you can refer to the detailed instruction booklet that was included also.

Overall: The whole family is impressed with this Truck Truggy by Thinkgizmos and we will definitely be buying more!

This Truck Truggy by Thinkgizmos would make the perfect present for any boy or man in your life or even the adventurous girl who is a bit hard to shop for!! So check it out here:

Remember, Christmas is quickly approaching so buy a Truggy by Thinkgizmos and cross that special person of your list!

Disclaimer: I was given this Truggy for free in return for my honest review! No monetary compensation was received.


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