Sunday, November 1, 2015

RoosterFin Tryazon Party! Featuring: Mohawkz

As the Mom to 3 children, I have a hard time finding board games that all 3 like since they are spaced out at 2 years old, 5 years old, and 12 years old but I can definitely say that RoosterFin Mohawkz was definitely a hit with all 3... or should I say a 'bounce'?!

This game has the easiest set up ever.. it's as easy as opening the box, taking out the board and ballz, an bouncing away! SERIOUSLY... so easy!

Not only do these little ping pong balls with mohawks and faces look cute, they bounce and ping and pong around evoking all kinds of silly reactions like laughing and bouncing and hopping from the players!

I love that this game is fun and cute, but also helps my 2 younger children work on their hand/eye coordination, lets them use their fine motor skills, helps them think and plan ahead, and even allows them to make up rules and games of their own so their little imaginations are running wild.

Not only did my 3 children have fun with this game, but all their little friends and cousins did as well. Definitely a hit, and I will be buying more games as gifts for Christmas!

Thanks to Tryazon, we got to play and review 3 fun games... MoHawkz, Rooster Race, and Lumpy Cubes.. all 3 games are fun, let children use their imagination, and help them learn too! Thank you Tryazon and RoosterFin :)


  1. I had never heard of this game before I read your blog today, but I am now very interested in purchasing it for my nieces for Christmas. I love games like this that are fun for the kids, but that also help them with motor skills. Thank you for the great review and the photos. This is a new must have on my shopping list.

    1. Awesome!! They're a really great price too :)