Sunday, November 29, 2015

Brainstream's Singing Egg!

Yes, you heard me right... a SINGING EGG!!! Honestly, who doesn't want a singing egg?! And it not only sings, but it sings 3 songs to let you know what stage your egg is boiled too. Do you want your egg soft boiled, medium boiled, or hard boiled? Whichever one you want, coordinate it with the correct song, wait for it to sing, and  Ta-Da!! Eggs boiled to perfection every single time :)

Not only did Tryazon send us Brainstreams new Singing Egg, they also sent us 2 different kind of Tortas from Ines Rosales!! And boy oh boy are they DELISH! We received Olive Oil and Sweet Orange and though they both were tasty, the consensus was that the Orange was the favorite, especially when paired with strong, dark coffee!

Thanks again Tryazon for sending me 2 more hit products to share with my friends!!!!


  1. How awesome is that. That would really help me, I seem to always over cook them. This would help me out so much!

  2. I *have to* try the singing egg! I can never seem to hit that sweet spot with my boiled eggs and I am the person who brings deviled eggs to every family event. What an awesome product!