Thursday, December 29, 2011

What I've Won in the Past Month!

So this month has been a bit slow for wins because I haven't been entering as much as I'd like. My husband works out of state and is only home on the weekends, and my kiddos and the guinea pig keep me pretty busy! lol I did have one big win this month though, he and I'm hopeful for the rest of the month too! $1,000 check from Miller Lite! $460 Prize Pack from Good Cook Sweepstakes! 2 Books from Goodreads Apron from Red Gold Prize Pack from Autolite Signed shirt and Card from Kasey Kahne Prize Basket from Curious Candle Company Basket of KCups from Tiki Hut Besides these I've gotten into 4 Bzz Campaigns, 2 Bear Den Missions, 3 Smiley360 Missions, and have made money from survey companies also! These are just the goodies that I can remember.. there are other countless small prizes like protein bars and $5 gift cards that I got too. So please, share what you've won this month!

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