Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spintales Duvet

I was lucky enough to be chosen to host a #Spintales Party through #Tryazon, and everyone who attended had a ton of fun! The following picture was taken at the beginning, before all of my guests came, but you get the idea!!

Have you ever heard of Tilt Textiles? Tilt Textiles is the creator of Spintales, and here is a bit of background on them:

TILT Textiles, Inc ( is a smart home textile company, focused on seamlessly integrating technology into textiles to create delightful and meaningful experiences for kids and families. SpinTales was the first brand launched by TILT for Holiday 2016. There are currently two SpinTales products available and each product comes with 3 FREE stories! 

I got chosen to review the Spintales Duvet, which also comes with the most gorgeous pillow sham. This is what the blurb about it is on Tryazon:

You can experience classic fairytales in a new way on this Enchanted Duvet. Everyone’s favorite, Little Red, is one of the stories included. Help Little Red find her way to Grandma’s house on the other side of the forest. Beware of the wolf...he likes cookies and he’s a little bit ticklish! You’ll soon discover if this wolf is really all that bad. The second story is about Jack, a curious boy who loves magic. Join him on an adventure up the beanstalk, all the way to the sky and back. And if you love to build, you will love the third story about the three pigs. Help the pigs build their homes and huff and puff along with the wolf who tries to blow their houses down.

The kids at the party definitely had favorite parts... my girls loved building the house with the pigs from 3 Little Pigs, and my youngest thought it was hilarious that the Wolf was ticklish! Her giggle was adorable...

I can honestly tell you that even the adults who came to our party had fun using it! It definitely seems futuristic, is super interactive, and a fun way to learn and play! I cannot wait to see what Spintales come up with next!

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