Monday, August 24, 2015

My Collapse-It & Flip-It Tryazon Party!

This past weekend I had the honor of hosting a Tryazon Party featuring products from Collapse-It and Flip-It! They were easy products to showcase because not only are they fun and new, they are super useful too.

As the Mom of 3 young children I am always looking for products that help me save money and make my life easier, and both of these products fit that bill.

The new Collapse-It containers are, as the name says, collapsible! They take up less room in my cupboards, and are fun too! Our 2 year old played with them for over an hour during the party. The color coordinated lids make them easy to find and fit to the correct container, and the little handles are removable too which make them super easy to wash! Here the containers are, collapsed, and the lids with the tops removed:

They come in different sizes so you can choose which ones best fit your needs! They are great for fresh fruits and veggies, like these colorful peppers, and even can be used to pack cold lunch! Very versatile...

The Flip-It covers help you get every last drop out of any bottle, or you know those stubborn bottles that have a pump that don't work?! Well, now you can just put on a Flip-It and worry no more!! The directions are so simple:

1. Remove the cap or malfunctioning pump & discard, you won't be needing it again.

2. Choose the right adapter/gasket & screw onto the bottle.

3. Screw a base cap/gasket onto the adapter - Tighten Flip-It and dispense!

4. When the bottle is empty, remove Flip-It, disassemble for cleaning, dry thoroughly and use on next bottle!

It really is as simple as it sounds :)

During my party, we ate pizza, played board games and checked out the Collapse-It and Flip-It products and tried them all out. They really were a hit, and all of my guests left looking forward to buying their own!! One guest, Tina, went home happier than a clam with 2 new Collapse-It containers that she won by beating everyone at charades :) 

A big thank you goes out to Tryazon, Flip-It, and Collapse-It for choosing me as a host!!


  1. Oh wow, those Flip-it covers would same me some serious money. I can never get all the dressing out of the bottles and end up throwing them away.

  2. The get together was great and I LOVE the two containers I won!!

  3. I love using our local recycling program but it's always a pain cleaning the plastic containers first. The Flip-it covers would make it so easy to get all of the product out so cleaning would be so much easier!